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School Shootings

By Betsy T.
Tennessee, Age 7

In todays elections you hear about gun control. You heard about Columbine and every other school related shooting. But what causes these school shootings? Is it the music, is it movies? What is it? What have made the people do these sort of horrible actions? Why did people plan to do these thing to inocent people?

In the spring of 1998 a high school called Columbine was caught up in a shooting. The shooters were two boys who killed 12 people at the school including 1 teacher. According to many survivers, the two boys at Columbine had planned this and were going crazy, killing people for no reason.

To many people the reason the two boys did all of this was infulenced by the music they were listening to. They killed 12 inocent people because of the influence of their CD's and tapes. Also people believed that because of the vilolence in movies are having some influence because of the guns, bombs, etc.

All of the shootings in the past years have lead to gun control. The government believes now that they can put locks on all guns to protect from future shootings. Can they garentee that these locks will be put on every single gun in the U.S.A.? Can they promise the United States citizens that there will be no more school shootings?

As you can easily see, with todays shootings, you can never be sure if your child's school is safe. That with todays heavy medal music that talks about death, and the movies that are nothing but shooting, that you figure some child out there is thinking about guns and taking one to school with him and thinking about shooting his enemies.