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Is Hunting Wrong?

By Chris P.
Washington, Age 15

Is hunting wrong?
By: Christopher

Do you know how many animals are killed each year? Well more then 100 million animals are killed each year by hunters . Now just imagine that number is reported by hunters who kill animals each year there are probably more animals hunted each year but just arenít reported. So the number of 100 million animals killed each year may just be a small fraction of how many animals that are killed each year.
You may think hunting isnít really that harmful and doesnít really affect the impact of wild life. The truth is that more then 100 million animals are killed each year . There are also many different types of hunting like fox pens, thatís when dogs are judged on how they hunt and kill foxes and coyotes. This sport is starting to become a more popular sport. Another type of hunting is, contest kills, and this consists of target practice on prairie dogs, coyotes and pigeons. Who ever has the biggest stack of corpses of animals wins . Now Iím pretty sure animals werenít put on this planet so we could kill and torture them.
It is said that 92% of all hunters are men and the other 8% are woman, dogs ect . Those hunters are said to kill more then 100 million animals each year. Thatís enough to fill two small countries.
You might think that hunting doesnít really kill much wildlife but to break it down more clearly, more than twelve thousand moose are hunted each year. 1,500 mountain lions are hunted and killed each year by hunters. Also more than 1,100 bears are hunted and killed each year by hunters. The problem with killing these animals is that there the main predators in the food chains and in their ecosystems. When you start hunting and killing the main predators in the food chain, this starts to throws off the food chain and ecosystem. When that happens this causes an offspring of prey. So there becomes way to much prey for the predators to eat so thatís why theirs so many rabbits and small prey. So the only way to bring down these numbers is by hunting and killing animals. The way to look at the whole situation is that when you start hunting the main predators this starts throwing off the ecosystem balance and there becomes an offspring of prey and the predators can no longer keep the ecosystem under control. So thatís why thereís hunting season to help keep these animals under control.
Now I can understand why people hunted back then for there food, but now these days people can go to there local grocery stores and buy their food. People these days just hunt for the amusement of killing animals and torturing them. Not to mention those people kill for the money, for the animalís fur and even sometimes people just kill animals so they can use body parts as trophy.