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King of the Jungle killed for no reason!

By Michael F.
Indonesia, Age 5

Many lion were killed for no reason these days. My opinion is why not taking them to the zoo instead? This lion could be a huge asset for the zoo, because it can attract a lot of visitors If those hunters can save and protect this lion, it can generate a lot of money. For example, for circus or animal show. The cubs also need their parents to live, even though there are milk formulas for the cubs, I think that milk formula is not enough and they need natural milk.

There are few options besides catching the lion, since catching lion is hard thing to do and could risk a life. The options are kill those lion, or just catch those lion and move it to other deserted habitat.

If Iím the hunter, I decide to catch the lion and if possible catch those group lion and move them to the zoo instead. Beside of generating income for the zoo, it can also preserve lion and prevent it from extinct, since a lot of illegal hunter nowadays killing lions to get its skin, etc.