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By Kaya D.
Oregon, Age 11

When dad comes back from afganistan he is ready to see his family but wants it to be a suprise. He has had help from other family members to send his wife and two year old son to AMERICAS GOT TALENT. They had front row seating and are whaching the show for the firs ten minutes. He has talked to the manager there and told him they would let him go on stage and sing BABY I'M COMING HOME. When he came on stage the audience went silent and he started singing the minute he started sining he walked down the stairs and went to where his wife was siting. She got up and her son said ''Momy, Momy, Momy, ohhhhhhh that's daddy!!!! His wife bursted out crying and laughing at the same time and so He brought them up on stage and finished the preformance with a big ''thank you'' and ''goodbye america''.