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Do you have Esp?

By Danielle R.
Missouri, Age 6

A young girl wears a blindfold while flying an airplane. How is that possible? The girl had ESP. When most people hear that a girl flew an airplane with a blindfold on,they want to try it to. But first they have to get ESP. How do they get ESP?
Accoring to Auerbach a reasercher everyone has the potential for ESP but the potential has to develop. For some people ESP is happening all the time but they just don't know it.
Auerbach also say's that having ESP is very normal. You might think or other people might think you are crazy, weird, or just plane bizarre but you are normal. ESP is like a 6th sense, you can smell, feel, taste, hear and are you weird,so you are not weird if you have ESP.
A question that is asked is what can you do with ESP? You could pervent an accident from happening if you saw it coming. That would be cool you could save alot of people's lives.
What do you think about this? Abraham Lincoln dreamed of his own death two weeks before he died. What I want to know is why did he go to Fords Theater if he knew he was going to die?
Today, tomorrow, next month, next year there are still going to be more questions, answers and tests.
Remember that everyone has the potential for ESP, but it has to develop and until it does don't try anything dangerous.