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School Bullies

By Tiarra V.
Nevada, Age 6

School Bullies out of control!!!Most people think most bullies should go see a syrchogist. Bullies are mean some people say. Here is my story about School Bullies:
Most school bullies are the popular kids who come from different schools. Experts say bullies become popular from beating people up. Most people encourage bullies to beat other people up ,so they can become popular. Some schools in the U.S.are trying to fight against bullying to keep kids safe. In some state's people believe bullying is fine. They believe it's education for their kids.Experts say if they have trouble about bullies, they need to talk to their parents or their teachers about it and they will talk to kid and the kids parents. The next day when you go to school just look the bully in the eye and walk away permantely.

I think that bullies are very mean. I also think that they should also go to different scools too.