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Child abuse

By Christine G.
Washington, Age 15

If you abuse, you loose
Imagine you are arriving to your house. While opening the door, your father comes sprinting at you. Scared of whatís going to happen, he starts beating you. He takes you into the living room. Everyday, a child is abused.

In the United States, the number of abused children grows every year. Each week, 50,000 reports of child abuse were made. There could have been more, just not reported. On average, 4 children die every day from being abused. There are four different types of child abuse, neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and social abuse. Boys and girls of all different races [and ages], can be victims of child abuse.

Some children, who are abused in their child hood, can become abusive parents as adults. Some people donít understand why a parent would abuse their child. Recent studies have shown that some reasons why a parent would abuse their child are because they are too stressed out. They could also be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Another reason why a parent would abuse their child is because they expect too much from them. Children who area abused may be taken from their parents and put into a foster home. This is all done by a social worker. The child may also have to attend counseling.

Children who are abused may suffer from emotional problems. They can also be permanently scarred. Three out of five children, who are abused as a child, have become abuse parents. On the other hand, the other two out of five children have endless love for them. If more people started to report child abuse cases, those numbers may decrease.

Many people think, that they canít do anything to prevent child abuse. One thing that anyone could do if they see a child being abused is report it. The call will be anonymous. If anyone sees child abuse in a public place, they should start a conversation to direct all attention away from the child. Next, they should offer some help. When dealing with an abuser avoid all negative remarks or looks. Two main numbers that will help you with child abuse are: the national child abuse hotline (1-800-4-A-CHILD-) or emergency (911). One call, can save a childís life.

We all need to start thinking about out future. If parents and other adults keep on abusing children, what is our future going to look like? Children are the future. So far, many children have died throughout the years from being abused. If more people keep their eyes open, and report child abuse, more children would be alive today. We can decrease those numbers. So if you see a child being abused, pick up the phone and dial 1-800-4-A-CHILD (this call will be anonymous).

A 4-year-old child is being abused by her stepfather. Many children suffer from this every day.

This survey is from 1980-1993. The highest numbers of child abuse cases were made from physical abuse. This includes punching, kicking, and pulling hair.