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1,000 Points The Story Of Chris Underwood

By Danielle D.
South Carolina, Age 14

I was able to have the privilege to interview our very own senior, Christopher Underwood about making his 1,000 point shot in his high school carrier. I asked him about his previous basketball history, he told me how he got started in basketball. I asked him what made you get interested in basketball, he replied “well... in 7th grade everyone played but me. I thought it was fun so I went out for the team, even though I wasn't good at first I still thought it was fun.” Chris has been playing for 6 years an does not plan to stop, so far this is the only team he has ever played for. He is interested in playing for the college he goes to which is still undecided, “It really depend on the plan God has for me.” he told me with a smile. Basketball has meant so much to Chris, it’s not just a fun and exciting sport, he says “It really has taught me life lessons, discipline, responsibility, and hard work does pay off.” When I asked him how he was feeling about leaving CA and going off to college, he took a minute to answer and said “It will definitely be tough, since school has meant so much to me but it is an exciting step I’m going to make”. It is really amazing how Chris has make 1,000 points in his high school career, I asked him if he could use one word to describe the feeling what would it be, he really thought about it then replies “lots of word, it cant just be cool or exciting its...... motivating because I never thought I would be able to do it, if you put the effort out, anything is possible” I really hope that Chris will be able to be an inspiration to all the aspiring athletes trying to be able to do the best they can.