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Jumy Umi

By Tyler Y.
Virginia, Age 9

As I walked in the street the rays of the sunshine bursted in my eyes. I was completely blind. It was white as a piece of paper. Jumy Umi! As soon as I said that i embarresed myself in front of the laughing people.Then I thought of the word Jumy Umi. I should write an article named Jumy Umi! I_ bought a new camera and barley wasn't expensive. It cost 90 dollars. Well not for me. I am really rich. I went home and got my typewriter my brother gave me started to get to work.
I worked for about 5 hours making thousands of articles and I finally finished! I got my ragged clothes because it was really hot and I only had winter clothes. So I went out and gave everybody a free newspaper.As soon as they read it they all threw back at me. I had a bad feeling about this. I picked up a newspaper and read it carefully. How could this be? (To be continued)