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By Charlie M.
Pennsylvania, Age 11

Kaunas, Lithuania 1940

Mr.Sugihara just wrote thousands of visas in 1940 for Jewish people to go to another country.

Mr.Sugihara is quit a fighter for saving all of them people that night.Also Mr.Sugihara knew the Nazis were coming so he worked quickly.

Mr.Sugihara had an issue with the refugees outside.And he and his children couldn’t go outside.

Mr.Sugihara was a diplomat and he was talking to a bunch of countries.He had an agreement with the refugees that he would get them all visas.

Mr.Sugihara was a good representative he spoke for many good people.Also he was a life saver to the refugees.

Mr.Sugihara asked the Japanese government over the cable if they could give him visas,but they said no.He was one of the best superiors.

Then Mr.Sugihara had to move to Berlin because of the Nazis.Also Mr.Sugihara was lucky that he stopped giving visas when the Nazis came.

Mr.Sugihara is very proud of his work.Also he loves to be free.Also he loves that he saved the Jews.