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Fire Damages School Near Three Arson Sites!

By Alyssa S.
California, Age 12

Alice Birney Elementary School was badly damaged from a fire near three arson sites. In San Diego near a site where three intentional burn-downs happened, Alice Birney Elementary School got scorched, causing a lot of damage. On Monday night on Dec. 20th someone intentionally burned down an elementary school.
This awful fire will cost $600,000 in repairs, not including replacing school supplies and electricity wires. Expert fire detector, Bob Duswager, said “this fire that happened was defiantly an arson incident.” Alice Birney Elementary School’s principle Joan Heartwere also said “it’s a shame that this elementary school burned down because all these parents relied on this school to teach their kid(s), especially since there are no other schools around in this neighborhood.” Fortunately no one was in the building when it was on fire or was hurt from it. But there were a lot of tears shed- especially from the kids. Brian Lowwood 3rd grade student from the school says “I miss this school and all my friends in it.” Jessica Black (4th Grade) said “It’s not the fact that the school burned down that makes me sad but it’s the fact that me and all my friends are being separated into different schools.” And Jake Cavnor (5th grade) said “I have spent my entire elementary school here and it’s so hard to hear that in that happy, artificial voice, ‘I’m sorry but Alice Birney Elementary School has be burned down and is temporarily’.
“Please help us by donating anything you have supplies, volunteer hours, or money to help us bring back our school” pleads 5th grader, Mark Redwood, “we need your help!” To find out how to donate call (858) 555-1234 or visit our website www. and help rebuild this school and sprits of these children who miss their school means so much to them.