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My favorite Puppy

By Amber G.
Florida, Age 4

Have you ever had a Puppy. Well I have and it was a boy his name was Little Man. He had a diamond on his neck and it was white. His mother had the same one but her's was longer. Her name was Princess she also had 10 other Puppies. My brother named one wrinkels because it had alot of wrincels. I do not remeber what the others names were.They always got out of the our back yard and we always got them back inside. We loved to play with all of our pups. Then about 3 years after they were born we had to tack them to the pound cause they would not stop getting out. They were still our favorite dogs we ever had. Imiss the way Little Mans breath smelled.I also miss the way he liked me in my face in the mornings just to wake me up. I also miss the way he nibbled on my fingers every day when he wanted to play. He always wanted to play with me and my mom at night. He always ate the rest of our food and ate of our plates when we were eating. That was my favorite time when we were together. He and I were always together when I got home from school. As soon as I arived at my driveway he and his brothers and siter would run out of the back yard and we would kneel down and they would jump on us.The first one that would jump on me was Little Man and he would lick my face and it would tickle my face. Every time we went somewhere he would follow me and I would sneek him in the car my mom found out one day because he was making noise. So she told me to put him in the house he would not let go of me so she let me bring him with us only once. That is why he was my favorite Puppy.