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Graffiti Phantom[s]

By Reese W.
Texas, Age 10

In our nation, graffiti has been appearing on buildings, furniture, and bathroom stalls. What can you do to help? Stop writing on personal property! Who cares right? Wrong! You might have a different feeling about that if it was your property. This kind of stuff is happening at places you wouldn't expect it to happen, like private schools. Private schools are supposed to be the ultimate group. They should act that way! Headmasters and teachers are teaming up by making the children go to the restroom with a partner so they would have no chance of writing horrifying things in the stalls. I've got an idea for those little phantoms. How about writing on paper instead of the walls. This way they could take credit for their marvelous [haunting] words of wisdom! Or, they should take responsibility for what they've done.
Case Closed!!!