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Gore or Bush a hard choice only 1 will win

By Sara B.
Texas, Age 5

Who will be our next presdiant you ask? Well It all comes down to Florida. On Nov 7, 2000 (The election night) Gore and Bush made history of being one of the closest presidantial races ever! The votes started coming in about 7:00 and didn't end untill about 1:30 or 2:00. All night it was a close race it was like a rollar coster. Gore would win then Bush then Gore than Bush. It was crazy!!!
Then finally some news came in that Florida's counts had been wrong so they pulled it out from Gore and the score was 167 to 217 Bush in the leed. The hardest was Gore's home state voted for Bush! Oocchh! That would have to hurt! It was late and about 2:00 they stoped filming untill Nov 9, 2000 and just before they told us they said Gore was wining but, not everyone heard that! Someone printed that Bush won Presdiant and they had to stop the press! So right now on Nov 9, 2000 news reports say we might not know who are next presdiant is for days or mabe even a week!