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By Selene R.
Texas, Age 12

Theres a guy named Sam Houston his an important guy because he gain the independence of Mexico. Sam Houston is the second term in favor of annexation. The Texans gain the independence too. Right now Texas is having a lot of problems with money, they just cant wait to solve the problem. Polke is the president and he agreed to annexed Texas. Now Polke wants the people to expand wist. Sam Houston gain the independence of Mexico in the 1830s on Texas. His asking for annexation because Texas having a lot of problems with money. Polk is helping Sam Houston because Houston gave Polk good reasons about annexation. The Texans are saying that Texas is in debt and is in fear of being attacked by Mexico, but the problem is that Texas wants to get annexed by the U.S, but Mexico doesn't what Texas to be annexed. However, the the Texans are fighting to be annexed and they would still be fighting for annexation.