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The pros and cons of cloning

By Diego M.
Ohio, Age 11

Cloning is a subject that causes a very heated argument of people these days. Cloning is when you take DNA from a person or animal and create that same person or animal genetically. It was also a subject that the presidential candidates discussed for votes.
There are many pros for cloning. For instance, scientists can now create body parts for people who have lost a limb or organ. If an organ can be grown, the need for waiting for an organ donor can be ended and many lives can be saved as many people die waiting for an organ. The army can take one perfect soldier and clone him or her into a whole army so that families do not need to lose their family members. Genetic testing can be done on the clones to find cures for diseases such as Alzheimerís, cancer and HIV.
The con side has many rallies and protests as well. There are many risks with cloning people or animals. For example, Dolly the sheep dies early from lung problems and arthritis thought to be by the cloning process. A cow died early from a massive blood tumor. Many genetic mutations have happened from this process. What do we do with the mistakes?
Many religious people feel that only God has the right to create. After all, look at all the problems humans have caused over the years: pollution, toxic waste, murder and now people trying to pick the sex of their baby along with their hair and eye color because nothing less than their idea of perfect is good enough to be their child.
After examining the pros and cons of cloning, I feel that we should only use cloning to create armies rather than sending our American citizens to fight. I also think growing limbs and organs for the unlucky people who do not have them. Those are good causes for cloning. But I also believe that trying to bring back a lost person in your family would cause heartache because even if they were genetically the same, the clone will never take the place of the loved one you lost.