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''Buwan Ng Wika '' Celebration

By Lyslian B.
Philippines, Age 15

A celebration for the 'Buwan Ng Wika' was held in the (SEC) amphitheater last September 1, 2007 . The Com-Arts club promote different contest such as Doble Kara,Biglaang Pagganap,talumpati,deklamasyon,tula,sanaysay,poster making,singing contest,say-awitan,pinoy noon,at kulturang sayaw. This said contest joined by all year levels.

Each of the student from different contest proven their abilities and confidence . The teachers and parents was overwhelmed in the performeance of thier children and students.
Mr. B the principal of the high school department end up the celebration with meaningful message thanking them for the wonderful events and thanking god for the good weather he have given to them.