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Snow Ball Bomb

By Amelia L.
Florida, Age 10

Pulling into the F.P.C. High School parking lot was a good indication of the attendance of the Snow Ball, hosted by the freshman class Thursday. The parking lot was empty except for about two dozen mini-vans and various cars.
Once inside, students were signed into the dance after the purchase of a ticket, which was $5.00 during school lunches and $7.00 at the door. When first entering the FPC cafeteria, where the dance was held, the dance would have shown what appeared to be like any up beat school dance with music blaring and lights flashing. But as soon as your eyes became adjusted to the darkness you realized the lack of student participation.
For a school with approximately 2000 students, the turn out to the Snow Ball was extremely low. Close to 200 students purchased tickets, but only about 70 people were in the cafeteria at any given time. Those who did go were seen standing in tight circles in the middle of the dance floor or nearby the concession stand. On sophomore, Brittany M. found the dance “Boring as Hell”, when asked why, she complained, “ There are no people here, and those who aren’t even dancing!”
As if the lack of people at the dance was not bad enough, towards the middle of the ball, the music started to repeat itself, in the same order. This only added to the bleak aspect many had towards the dance. One freshman student was over heard saying, “These DJs really suck!” Unfortunately, many agreed, and many of the students started to disperse. Those who stayed until the end were subject to technical difficulties where the music would start and stop suddenly. This was the last straw for many and cries of criticism were voiced form the small crowd. One student, Sophomore D., who was seen leaving the dance discouraged, said, “ I thought the dance was dumb… It reminded me of middle school.”