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All About School

By Cobra H.
North Carolina, Age 3

School is a good thing for you. Mrs. Sisco is a good teacher too. She teaches 3rd grade. We do a lot of things in her classroom. Maybe we do some fun things in her classroom.

->We do a lot of writing and reading too. We do focused lessons they are very fun. We write a lot of stories and think about it before you do what you want to write down.

-> After we are done with our Focus Lesson we line up to go to lunch. I go up first because I have a Lunch Box. Then the people that had Plate 1 will go up after me then Plate 2. Then we go to Lunch.

->When we are at the lunch room I go and sit down to have my lunch Mrs. Sisco is at the first seat of the whole table. There are only 3 seats in every table. We go to Lunch at 12:20. We can only buy 1 thing from the lunchroom.