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2012, the Theory of Doomsday

By Seth, Maria, Paris, Conner G.
Texas, Age 13

The year of 2012 is almost upon us. The question and theory is that the world will be extinguished during the month of December, 21st. Many people have claimed that it will happen and others disagree. If this is really true than we might all be doomed.
Many have said, blogged, and wrote about the world ending in 2012. The question still stands, Will the world end in 2012? This is terrifying news. There are some signs to prove if this will happen. For example, the week when massive amounts of dolphins wash up on shore of the gulf coast. Including the week when birds fell from the sky in a Kansas town. Are these signs of a rising apocalypse?
What do you think will happen? 2012 is coming it might not be the end of the world, but if it is then we are all in trouble. Though if it doesnít come then we will know it was all a hoax. The Mayan calendar ended because of the world ending, or they may have just died off. We as a population canít see the future, so how can the Mayans.
The Mayans were the first group of Indians to have a full in depth language. This means they are very intelligent for their time. They maybe could tell time, and see what would happen. The Mayans were very architectural and very in depth with art, as you can see they were very advanced. They even seemed to have an urban type of lifestyle.
The Mayans have predicted, and some have believed. We donít know what will come. The future is scary but we must accept this news. The Mayans are probably incorrect; many people have predicted and were wrong because we are all still here. We are well aware of our past with the knowledge of the past we could help the future, but if sometimes knowing too much will bring us to our downfall.