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The big fire in alanreed Texas

By Shaunna C.
Texas, Age 11

It was a snday afternoon and the wind was very heavy there was dust everywhere well we thought it was.But it was smoke everywhere we went to our pasture and our cattle the where burned!!But that not the whole story.I was with my papa and we where flying!we got my house in alanreed Tx.The fire has'nt even got there yet and i saw a pole on fire ay my house!My dad got there and the horses where bucking and everything we had a friend come with a trailer so we could put our horses in it..And my cousin chase helpe my brother put out the fire that was an 1inch away from my HOUSE.I was so scared that was the first time i have been scared in a long time my other cousin was with my sister and I where started praying togather and we saw ski for the first time we where so exicted and then we saw black again.!it happened in spring break 1yr ago for 1 week.My granny neva lives east of Mclean Texas it went around our cows and around here house our cows did not get touched...!!!

well i will tell you more latter bye