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Swimmers and Surfers are Attacked by Sharks

By Shelby, Vi, Justin, Vincent, Yvonne L.
Texas, Age 12

Surfers and swimmers from around the world are attacked by sharks throughout the year. Sharks usually attack because they mistake a human for a wounded animal or someone or something that has entered its territory.
Recently, the number of shark attacks has risen. Now, there are about 70 shark attacks around the world each year. In 2010, out of the 79 shark attacks worldwide, 36 of them were in the United States. Most of the attacks are in Florida, North and South Carolina, California, and Hawaii. One shark bite can kill or injure a human severely.
People think that sharks are violent animals, but most of the time the sharks donít attack. Some swimmers can go within ten feet of a shark without being attacked. Only twelve out of the 375 different shark species are dangerous. Three species are mainly responsible for attacking people, Great White, Tiger, Bull sharks.
People can avoid being attacked by simply using common sense. If someone sees a shark they should immediately get away and stay away from that area for a few days. Surfers like to return to the beaches even if a shark attacked the day before. They should stay away for at least 3 days before surfing again. If people did this, the number of attacks would reduce.