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The Fight for Independance

By Staci D.
Texas, Age 12

Sam Houston is a great person. If you told him something he would do it right away. He also took things seriously. He would not let you down. Sam Houston is nice, careing, respectful, and he always obeys the laws. He is a good leader.
Sam Houston and his people will the best to fight for independence. They have done so much to gain our independence back. Since Sam HOuston is such a great leader he will lead his people to independence for sure. Sam Houston will do great, as were Santa Anna will take his people down. Al of this was happening in the late 1800s. Sam Houston, wanted to make Texas part of the U.S. Texas had money problems and Sam Houston wanted what was best for his people. That is why he wanted independence so badly.
ASfter a while the three branches of government announced the new president,''Sam Houston'', to e the best one yet.