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By Marley K.
Montana, Age 13

Millions of people around the world are becoming vegetarians. There are many reasons why people choose to be vegetarian. A couple reasons are because of health benefits and because people that donít believe in the act of killing animals for eating. Scientific studies show that vegetarians suffer much less from illnesses like cancer, heart disease, and high blood pressure and other common health problems. The best way to become a vegetarian is to start in your own kitchen! By looking at cook books and preparing foods that are vegetarian and appeal to sound good.
In the US half million animals are killed each hour. Most butchers put the animals on growth-promo ants and hormones. Besides being killed the animals that are being sent to the slaughtering house undergo pain and fear when they are being stocked into the crates.
Being vegetarian is also economical because meat is expensive both agriculturally and economically.
To sum it all up people think being vegetarian is humane and healthier.