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Scary Movies

By Katie K.
Montana, Age 14

Want a scary movie to watch on Halloween? Try looking for these key features that make a movie scary. One of the main features is the characters. You have to have a scary character that no one knows anything about, or who is simply crazy. Another feature is the setting. Usually there is a scary setting, on a dark night with a full moon or, in a creepy house. The last feature is the overall story. The story has to be realistic and not too fake. The movie is scarier if it could actually happen. This reporter interviewed seven people to find out what their favorite scary movie was. Four people thought Disturbia was the best movie. One eighth grader said, I like Disturbia because its not only scary but it has funny parts too. Another eighth grader had a different opinion and said the Ring was their favorite movie. A different student who thought the Hills Have Eyes was good. They said, I like it because it keeps you on your toes. The last student interviewed had a totally different thought on scary and said that High School Musical was the scariest movie. Its scary because one of the characters is evil and the singing hurts my ears, he said. Different people have their own perspectives on whats scary. This should hopefully help you find a marvelous movie to watch!