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Jr. High Jitters

By Davitria B.
Louisiana, Age 12

I was always looking forward to going to a big school, well at first I was. That feeling quickly changed the closer it got for me to attend the 6th grade. I wandered what it would be like, would it be fun,hard or boring. Then I thought of all the older kids that were already there. I wanted to know if the picked on little kids just coming to that school and if other kids coming from other schools would be mean and bully the new comers. The biggest question were the teachers mean and are the classes hard.
Once I got in school things were just as I thought they would be. Well not all was that way, the teachers were not mean like I thought they would be. The classes are not as hard. I have now gotten use to Jr. High School and all the new things. A new year, some new friends, and new teachers. The same rules but some different ones too.