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New Teachers

By Ellen and Brennan Z.
South Carolina, Age 15

This week we did a report on all the new teachers and new teacher aids. we interviewed Mr. S, Mrs H, and Mrs C. Mrs. H is the third grade teacher. She has been teaching for about 9 and a half years, but this is her first year here. The reason she started teaching was because her mom was a teacher and always “played” school as a little girl. Mrs. H has three children: 6 year old, three year old, and one that is four months old. Her husband is a lawyer. Her family live in SC and are a close knit family. Her favorite grades to teach are third and fourth grade because of the age and because they are not “too cool for school”. Mrs. H came here because her daughter comes here, there are small classes, and the christian environment. She has taught at schools almost everywhere... she taught in Illinios, Loris, at Seaside, at Socastee, Lakewood, and now here. Mrs. H attends Church. Her favorite Bible verse is Romans 8:28. Mrs. C is the new second grade aid. She has been volunteering at the school for a while and when this spot was available she got it. Also her son is in the second grade class. It did not matter what grade she got she just wanted to be able to teach or help in some way. Her favorite part of teaching is reading their journals because they don’t know how to spell yet and trying to guess what their saying is fun. She has been married 11 years and has two kids Brook, age 10 and Matthew, age 7. She attends Chapel. Her favorite verse is Phil. 4:11-13, because it talks about being content and not wanting more and more. The new teacher Mr. S Teaches the 6th and 7th grade Latin class. It is his first year here. He was inspired to teach by his college professor Mr. W. He likes teaching 6th and 7th because that is the most influential age group to teach. He found out about this school through his sister. She has three kids Charlotte, Ellen, and Sophia. Sophia is a 4th grader. He loves playing games with his class and cracking jokes. He is the youngest of three. He has 1 older brother and 2 older sisters. He goes to Church. His favorite Quote is Ephesians 6:11. “Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes.”