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Credit card holders beware!!!

By Andrew D.
California, Age 6

April 8, 2003-“US credit card fraud cost 8m to into shock!!” wrote David Teather of The Guardian. Kyle, a student, , said “They can steal your bank account and use it for crimes.” Some credit card companies have had troubles with hackers before but not like this. Some people think that we should find these identity thieves and put a stop to there actions. Police say that there is to many identity thieves for them to stop.

Some people have already started to take measures into there own hands. “They can take over your account and use all of your money. Then they can use your name for crimes. Like selling drugs or buying drugs, alcohol, and marijuana.” Said Isaiah, another student.

Everyday we have kids in this world being teased, bullied, threatened, and beat up. Maybe that’s the reason why kids bring guns to school. Maybe that’s why people these days have jobs that suck. Because they have to live with the guilt that they screwed up somebody’s life. Maybe that’s why.