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Children Abusing parents

By Tanner L.
Texas, Age 11

Teenagers Abusing their Parents

Teenagers abusing their parents in America and the rest of the world is becoming a growing problem that could end respect as we know it. The average American probably has no clue that this kind of abuse even exists.
There are many types of abuses, for example physical abuse is the most common type of parental abuse. Physical abuse is when people are literally hurt and sometimes their lives are in danger.
Financial abuse is also very harmful in parental abuse. Children steal money from their parents, often to support an addiction. Damaging their parentís property and even attacking their jobs is also a part of financial abuse.
Another type of abuse is emotional abuse. Emotional abuses are actions like name calling, harmful words, loss of respect, and often yelling and cursing. It can affect people in many ways. Often it leads to runaway parents, hurt feelings, and sometimes in drastic measure suicide. All of these things are caused by parent abuse.
Abuses can cause emotional as well as physical pain.