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By Wyatt M.
Texas, Age 12

Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and more, all of these can be a serious problem. These can all be backgrounds of Cyber bullying. Cyber bullying happens when technologies are used to harass or bully someone. Bullies often use text messages, e-mail, chat rooms, and social networking sites to get their message across. Problems can lead to suicidal decisions, transferring schools, deleting social networking profiles, and many more.
We all know that bullies can be found anywhere. In the last few years of technology, it gives bullies more places to disguise or hide themselves from who they really are. Around ten percent of all students’ grades 7-9 are victims of cyber bullying. There is a connection to daily school life though, it usually stops or slows down during summertime. But 35% of teens who are bullied don't even tell adults.
There are multiple types or cyber bullying. Flaming, the first type, means fighting with vulgar language. Harassment, the second type, means to repeatedly send mean and insulting messages. Denigration, the third type, means demeaning gossip. Impersonation, the fourth type, means to pretend to be someone else and to post damaging photos. Outing, the fifth type, means to share someone's personal information or embarrassing secrets. Trickery, the sixth type, means to covertly draw out then expose personal information. Exclusion, the seventh type, means to intentionally exclude someone from an inner on-line group or website. Cyber Stalking, the eighth type, means to repeatedly use frightening threats.
Statistics’ say four in ten teens have experienced online bullying. Girls are twice as likely to be victims and perpetrators. They experience social sabotage of others. Cyber bullying is most common between the ages of 15 and 16.
Cyber bullying or any types or bullying is very wrong. We predict that cyber bullying will decrease and get better. This is due to websites or organizations against bullying. Children taking a stand against bullies, and defending others. Cyber bullying is wrong and should be stopped.