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Independance, Debt, Annexation

By Yulissa Z.
Texas, Age 12

History has finally been made! After so much time and effort, Texas has gained the independence it should have had a long time ago. This was a proud moment for all the Texans. Things couldn't get any better, or could they? Texans, get ready for a surprise. Just recently, the voting for the president of the Republic of Texas was held. The results showed Sam Houston is now the president of the Republic of Texas. ''I voted for Sam Houston because he seemed promising, loyal, and willing to change anything wrong.'', cheerfully shared from a voter. Sam Houston wanted the debt of Texas to vanish. Sam Houston thought that the best way to make this big financial issue go away was by getting annexed. Sam Houston first asked all of the citizens if his choice was best. Most citizens agreed with his well-thought plan. Very few disagreed. Sam Houston asked them why, but none of them had a reason. Sam Houston was ready for his plan to work the day after he asked the citizens about it. Sam Houston's plan was to ask the president, which is James Polk, to annex. Sam Houston was also prepared to answer why he wants it to be annexed. Sam Houston came to James Polk. They had lunch and casually talked with each other. Sam Houston questioned James Polk if he could annex Texas. James Polk agreed. James Polk said he wouldn't mind and really wants to expand the size of the U.S. .