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Burrowing Owls

By Zayd L.
Texas, Age 10

Burrowing Owls are just one of the hundreds of species of owls. Don't you think all owls live up in a tree? This owl doesn't,it lives in a hole in the ground called a burrow. This is the only owl that lives in a burrow. Burrowing Owls in Florida make their homes but, others use abandoned homes that were built by tortoises, armadillos, ground squirrels, and so many other animals. Their diet are insects and rates which they hunt at night or day.
When they sense danger they make a rattle snake sound to scare the danger off. Do you think burrowing owls are big or small? If your answer is small you are totally correct. They are ten inches tall and are about the size of an American Robin. Since it is so small it isn't on top of its food chain like other birds such as hawks or raptors. Burrowing owls migrate to warmer places like Southern Mexico, Central America , and California.