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The Wolf Gets Away!!!

By Ashley D.
Texas, Age 10

Here he comes with a smile on his face. Looking with his yellow greenish eyes I know that he is looking for something to eat. But I hope that is not me. Seeing everyones reaction when they see he is coming. They scream, they shout, they YELL!!! What do I do???

I think he sees his target with his eyes all tightend up. He spots a lamb. WHat do I do?? Should I help the poor lamb?
He ate it right as i was thinking. As a little tear ran down my cheek I go tell ma. '' Ma Ma the wolf ate the lamb, thr wolf ate the lamb, you have to do something Ma Ma. What could we do??''

'' Slow down slow down, so a wolf ate a lamb am I right?'' Yes Yes that is right I said as fast as I could.

''No problem that happends alot don't worry it will be fine.'' mom said.

''I guess.'' I said in a sign.