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2005 MCAS

By Bryan N.
Massachusetts, Age 12

On May19th-20th, the 6th grade students of the Fitchburg School District took the 2005 MCAS mathematics test. The test was divided into two parts, each sixty minutes long. The test included multiplying, dividing, area, perimeter, surface area, and probability.
The test is used to review the district performance. It is also part of the N.C.L.B. (No Child Left Behind) program. Each student was given an answer booklet, a test booklet, a ruler, and an equation sheet.
gI donft think it is fair to judge the school or district performance by the test alone.h Stated Mr.Thomas, I
Principal of Memorial Intermediate School.
The D.O.E. (Department Of Education) started the test as part of the N.C.L.B. in 1998. President George W. Bush jr. started the N.C.L.B to make sure, if teachers were really teaching and not giving random grades so the student would pass. The MCAS is used for that same reason.
Members of the D.O.E. will grade the test. The results of the 2005 MCAS test will be released this fall.