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Girl gets suspended for writing a note

By Christina S.
Tennessee, Age 7

Yesterday, 12 year old Jonalyn L. of Mountain Water Middle School got suspended for writing a nice and complementive note to her friend Monna H. The note read:
Dear Monna,
You are the sweetest and most awesome friend in the world. You are talented and sweet. Your a great singer and writer with a great imagination.I hope you make the cheerleading squad.Have a wonderful day. bye.
your friend,
This note was not bad and not threatening either, but Jonalyn still got suspended and so did Monna. Both parents of the girls are very upset and have gone to the school board about this matter. The school board commented, ''All this was just a misunderstanding and both girls will return to school Thursday, the note was not bad and threatening, it was complementive, if this note had been threatening then we would have to expell both students.'' After we reported this, both girls returned Thursday morning as promised.