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Bush and Gore's Plans for Education

By Crystal K.
Illinois, Age 7

George W. Bush is a 54 year old republican, who currently is the governor of Texas. Bush went into politics, after helping his father, former President George Bush, run for office. Now he is running for office, and his opponent Al Gore, is just as eager to win the election as he is! Bush’s plans for education in the future would allow federal funds in private schools. He would also enforce states, to give the school report cards with their annual test scores. He would also give states and local school districts more control over how the school should improve. He believes parents should have more authority to determine how a school district could improve.

Al Gore, a 52-year-old democrat, has been vice president of the United States since 1993. He has represented Tennessee in the senate for over thirty years, just as his father did. After being in the senate, he went on to win the election as vice president. He is currently in the same post as president Bill Clinton. Gore’s plans for better education would provide smaller classes, because studies have shown that kids involved in large classes, receive lower grades than the kids in smaller classes. He also wants schools to provide after school programs for all failing students. He would also undergo evaluations for teachers, to determine their pay level.