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Woman Missing Since 7/2/37 declared dead

By Jessica R.
Connecticut, Age 14

Ms. Amelia Earhart has been declared dead today, January 5th 1939. Ms. Earhart was attempting to circumnavigate the earth when she went missing. Last response from her was around Howland Island in the Pacific Ocean. That is where her plane was suspected to go missing. Earhart was the first woman to fly or be flown across the Atlantic Ocean. During the flight that would lead her to her death she was accompanied by a Mr. Fred Noonan.
The last known transmission was made at 8:43am. Many search efforts were tried all along Howland Island but none were successful. Many rumors have popped up and many theories are still currently surfacing but is seems that the world will never know what happened to Ms. Amelia Earhart. How she died or if she lived is still a mystery.
Ms. Earhart was born on July 24, 1897 in Kansas. Her Husband comments that she always enjoyed adventures and had wanted to do something that was exciting. Earhart was a “tomboy” since she was a child and had been trying to fly airplanes from a very young age. As a teenager Earhart lived with her grandparents. The first time Amelia was in public school was when she was twelve and entering the seventh grade. Earhart’s family was very rich and had a lot of estate. Earhart’s grandmother died and left lots of land to the family of four.
Amelia grew up with a very high interest in airplanes, when she finished her schooling she got married. Earhart had a somewhat normal life for a not so normal woman who has accomplished so much. Ms. Earhart had accomplished a lot. She had surprised a lot of people with her integrity. People said she couldn’t do what she did because of her gender but she proved them very wrong. Ms. Earhart, a brave and noble woman, may never be seen again.