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High School dropouts

By David M.
Washington, Age 14

I bet you didnít know that about that 1 in every 4 kids who enter high school every year wills dropout. Thatís about 1 million kids every year. Itís amazing but itís also the truth. Society doesnít realize how important this issue is because this topic will and is going to affect the countryís future. Maybe with a little help and support we can have a better educated country.
Since one million of the 4 million of the kids will dropout of high school, then according to a CBS new article ď Thatís 7,000 every year Ė one dropout every 26 secondsĒ(Whitaker). That may be a little to many kids dropping out.
Now something just as important is ďdropouts cost tax payers more than $8 billion annually in programs like food stampsĒ (Whitaker). And it dramatically will affect them to. A dropout will make on average $10,000 less every year than someone with a diploma. But you canít even make any money if youíre in prison. dropouts have a larger chance of ending up incarcerated. Actually about 60 percent of federal inmates were high school dropouts which makes sense because Iím sure they didnít drop of high school for any good reasons.
I firmly believe that your background and lifestyle really influences a childís or teenís education. Like black students tend to dropout less than Hispanic students with 13.6 percent in 1993. But still white students tend to drop out less than black students with rate of 7.9 percent also in 1993. And Hispanics leading the country with 27.5 percent which is two times more than black students and more than three times the amount of white students that dropout. I think thereís an easy explanation to this. According to an article, High School dropout Percentages, stating ď2.7 percent for students with a high family income level, compared to 23.9 percent for students with a low family income levelĒ (Gaustad). Since many Hispanics come to the United States they have low income levels, then more teens tend to drop out.
A student suggestion said ďMany students to not realize the seriousness of their decision to dropout high school. It is only later in life they realize the poor choice they have madeĒ . And the statistics really show it on average a high school drop will make $19,169 a year. Someone with a high school diploma will make on average $28,645 a year. But compared to someone who takes their education even farther with a Bachelors degree will make on average a nice $51,554 a year. Thatís a large difference that some people donít believe is worth it.
Some say that the reason that many teens will dropout is because teachers and parents arenít very involved in the student education. But anyone can help by offering alternatives, more help with learning problems, more tutoring, having more school counselors or things just like more school-to-home communication.
And if I havenít made being a dropout sound bad enough, well for not having a diploma causing people to make less money, there is a $3 billion lost earnings every year in the U.S. alone. Whether that changed anybodyís mind or not, thatís a lot of money to be losing. And for any student who believes they want to dropout for any reason just remember that you really donít gain anything by dropping out but you might be losing a successful life.