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The computer teacher. UNCOVERED

By Taylor H.
Oregon, Age 12

My computer teacher is a kind man with secrets that are unknown. He is always seeming to be deep in thought when there is time to do so. We don't know why he is the way he is till now. Later today a associate of mine had a little chat with Mr. Hanni and my associate has had a pact with him after the chat. He promised he would not tell anyone Mr.Hanni's secrets if he didnt tell anyone so we are out of luck, so far. Little did either my assciate or Mr.Hanni know that we had hidden a camera with a microphone in the room they had their little meeting. And unfortunately we only had a quarter of the video, the rest of the video was fuzz. Luckly in the fuzz we had some language or noise that we have put in the traslator. turns out, that we were getting signals from a far away planets, called, planet tyasyulkoprt and they were sending signals to Mr.Hanni's brain. Or so they called it a brain. That very same night we found that information we got a warrent and had Mr.Hanni a M.R.I. HE HAS NO BRAIN. Thats right you heard me. He is a robot probe sent to earth to see how are life is like.