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Ask Shannon

By Shannon S.
Alabama, Age 5

1. All the kids in my class make fun of me. -Bullied.

Dear Bullied,

I am very sorry to hear about this bullying. Some just try to impress their friends by being funny and hurting other people. Also, their are lot of insecure children and the believe that if they are not making fun of other people, then they are going to be made fun off. But that does not give you an answer on what to do. First, know that are a child of Christ, and no matter what people say to you nothing can ever change that. Second, do not let it get to you. If people see you getting upset then it entertains them, but if they see that you do not care then they will get bored and leave you alone. Next, if it continues talk to a teacher and she could work with the other students about it.

3. I have a dilemma! Itís winter, so obviously I canít go swimming. I donít know what to do! Are there any other activities I can do when it is cold outside? Help me!- Swimmingly Swimmer.

Dear The Swimmingly Swimmer,
This is a very tough situation. There are a lot of indoor pools such as the YMCA and Myrtle Beach Gym on 4th Avenue. You can always get into a sport which are always be fun outside, even when it is cold! Make sure to keep up with your homework though!

4. There is this girl that grosses me out. What should I do? - Anonymous.

Dear Anonymous,
You really should try to ignore what she does. It might hurt her feelings if you think that. How would you feel if someone said that about you? We should work to get along with other people. You dont have to be best friends.
5. Can you tell me how to like to get into the yearbook committee? - Peace Girl.

Dear Peace Girl,
There is a yearbook committee which helps take pictures. If you are interested let a teacher know and she will be glad to help you with all of your needs!

6. What is a way to have less stress over a project? - Stressed in 4th grade.

Well first, you should not wait till the last minute and spread all the work out over several days. Then realize your whole grade does not depend on this one project and find a way to enjoy it!

Why can't we have PE 5 days a week and not 3? - Loving PE

Dear Loving PE,
Because there are more important things in school like learning that must be fit in to an already tight schedule. Just be thankful you have PE because other countries might not.

8. Which CA has been around longer ours or the one in Pawley's Island?

Dear Anonymous,
We have been around longer.

9. How many exchange students have we had since the first year that CA has been around?

Dear Anonymous
That is a good question. I believe five is the total.

My mom is my teacher and i get mad at her a lot. What should I do? - anonymous

Dear Anonymous,
You should know that she is just trying her best to not show favoritism. She loves you most likely so just try to get through by doing all of your work and obeying her.

11. Why do we have homework when we work all day?

Dear Anonymous,
This does not make sense to me either. I believe that if kids did not have loads of homework then they would have time to review and study and grades will rise. I will change it when I am president one day. You do however need to do it no matter how you feel about because your teacher tells you to.

12. Why do we have school?
Dear Anonymous,
The reason why is to learn basic skills and also learn to be responsible. You need to learn how to do things that will help you in a job one day. However you usually do not have 2 page papers in a job.

13. Why do we wear uniforms?

Dear Anonymous,
The administration feels this is the best way to make sure everyone is wearing something appropriate and I agree that uniforms are a good idea. It makes sure no one is judged by their clothes.