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Kid's Voting For President's??

By Clarissa M.
Pennsylvania, Age 6

I think it is important for kid's to get involved in politics.Every vote should count including kid votes.
People don't realize kids want to be heard.One of the biggest problems is school.Most seniors who want to get a good college education don't have the money,and if they do go to college they get student loans. (and they have to pay them off sometime)
Here are some questions to ask your self now:1. If the election were today who would you vote for?(even though you haven't got all of the details)
2.Read some articals about Bush and Algore.Would your vote be the same or different?
3.Find one thing that is important to you,look at each of the presidents answers and decide what one you like best.
For now that is all I have to say ,and good luck on the polls!
by Clarissa