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Rat Terriers

New York, Age 11

Rat terriers...loud obnoxious dogs. Nothing but muscle. AT least that's what they think. But really, there really not all that strong. You can buy them places like JUNGLE CRITTERS in Corning, NY, and at the Arnot Mall in Big Flats, NY, at HOLLY HOUNDS. People like to buy them because there very playful and because there very protecting over there owners. Anouther reason is because they were used as guard dogs back in the oldin' days because they were really strong when they had to be. Especially over there owners. If you are having trobble with robbers or people doing stuff to your house than id get a Ratterrier. Remember you can buy them places like JUNGLE CRITTERS ON MARKET STREET and at THE MALL AT HOLLY HOUNDS. BEST OF ALL, THEY'RE NOT VERY MUCH MONEY.