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All about the Titanic

By Kelli H.
Arizona, Age 11

Did you ever wonder what really happened on the Titanic or when it sunk? Keep reading to find out.
The Titanic was full of excitment the day it left,April 12 1912, people from all over the world were there to see the biggest ship of all, leavig the Atlantic ocean, it didnt really leave it just borded off deck. The Titanic was known for everything but it was mostly known for being unsinkable, well everybody thought so but as you can see, they were wrong.
On the night of April 15 1912 , that greatest ship of all sank, to the very bottom of the Atlanic ocean almost 2 miles down! This ship sank because it hit an ice berg. Well, the ship started flooding with water many people died that night, but also many were saved we should never forget the people on the Titanic that night, but mostly, never forget the people who died that night.