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In the Spotlight!

By Jade C.
South Carolina, Age 15

All things are wild in Mrs. Rogers’ safari-themed classroom. First grader Will said that the class chose to make their class theme safari to surprise their class aid, Mrs. Buckner, who also participates in mission work in Africa. Mrs. Buckner helps Mrs. Rogers with the first grade students. They make a great team. If you walk into the first grade classroom, you can expect to see a very talented group of students that are eager to learn. “We are learning about shapes like spheres!” exclaimed Will, “We are also having spelling tests on Fridays.” He, along with fellow classmate Jack , are very excited about upcoming activities. When Will was asked what he was most excited about, he didn’t have to think twice. He is ready for the one hundredth day of school because the first grade students will be popping one hundred balloons by sitting on them. On the other hand, Jack is excited to learn more in math because he said that he is good at solving math problems. The first grade class also has parties, such as the Thanksgiving party and the Christmas party. Jack said, “We had a Thanksgiving feast, and we got to dress up like indians.” Mrs. Rogers and Mrs. Buckner are doing a great job with the younger students . They are teaching the students a lot, while still allowing them to have tons of fun. The students have said that they enjoy having Mrs. Rogers teach because she is nice, fun, and she has many of cool ideas. It will be great to see the upcoming events that she has planned.