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Mystery of the Egyptian Statues

By Caitlynne D.
Massachusetts, Age 12

Fake statue parts were discovered at the Cairo museum, when a little boy witnessed the whole thing. Matthew Adams was on a business trip with his father Mr. Adams. When Matt was examining the small statue of Horus in the museum a small stout man waddled over to the same statue. Matt bent down to tie his shoes, when the strange man pulled out a lazer scanner and scanned the valuable statue! Matt was very suspicions when he watched the penguin man talking to a security guard. As they whispered to each other they exchanged packages. Matt tried to tell the museum director but wasn't able to in time. The directors son and daughter met up with Matt for a camel ride. There they saw penguin mans accomplice, the green shirt man, who tried to hurt Jabari by sabotaging his camels saddle. Luckily, in the end the statue stealing sheme was ended. The green shirt guy, penguin man and the security guards were all taken care of. And Mr. Admas thanked his son by taking him to, two ancient Egytpian temples built more than 3,000 years ago, the Abu Simbel!