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Mr. Sugihara

By Derek B.
Pennsylvania, Age 11

MR. SUGIHARA is very generous. He wrote visas for the refugees so they can move to a new country.

First the refugees are at the gate to their house, but MR. SUGIHARA wouldn’t go out and help them.

Second, they stood there for days. So MR. SUGIHARA decided to help them.

Third, his boss told him to move out of his house and the country, but that did not stop him from writing visas.

Finally, he got on the train for Germany. MR. SUGIHARA started throwing visas out the window.

They went to Germany and got five to six different jobs. He died in 1986.

In 1992 six years after his death there was a monument to MR. SUGIHARA was dedicated in his birthplace.

In 1985 one year before his death. He was chosen to receive the “RIGHTEOUS AMONG NATIONS” award from Yad Vashem