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Eli is as Big as His Bro!

By Ilana H.
Maryland, Age 4

College star Eli Manning is going to the Chargers after this year's NFL draft. Manning won the hiesmen trophy last year, and ever since then he has become a very talented QB. He takes after his brother, Peyton Manning who is the colts star quarterback. Eli was scouted by many teams who were probably hoping that he would be left when it was there turn. But now that's not going to happen. The chargers have the first pick and they are taking Manning to San Diego far away from his big brother Peyton who he will soon become rivals with. Maybe the colts would have picked Eli, but that wouldn't have been smart.

Now that the whole world knows that Eli Manning is going to be drafted first pick by the chargers, the NY Giants, another pro-football team, are planning to trade Manning for one of their already pro players. The thing is, are the chargers interested?