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Soccer Stars!

By Caitlin C.
New York, Age 11

Soccer has been around in England for a long time. People love soccer in England,but in the U.S soccer isn't really the most popular sport because of basketball, baseball golf,football,and lacrosse,but not soccer!
If you know how they talk weird, then take a look at this.They call soccer ''FOOTBALL'' Get it?! If not then i'll tell you why.
They call it football because they kick the ball with thier foot.
There is a guy that plays ''football'' in England. He is a fourteen years old and he is already in pro ''football''.That's amazing! His name is Fredy Aduo.(from the Cambell's soup comercial). Another famous ''foootball'' player was pele.
I love soccer,and that's why I worte this beautiful Artide.
*Caitlin C*