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Gore vs Bush who will win?

By Heidi C.
New Jersey, Age 6

Election 2000 is coming to a close and on November 4 the voters will vote for who they think will benefit the country the most. Albert Gore is doing a good job in telling the people what he thinks and what he wants, George Bush is diong a great job in telling America what he has done and what he will do. What issues are important to kids?
I think that Education is and important issue because it affects kids now. They go to school every week day. They know what needs to be done. I think that kids need to tell the new President what he needs to do by sending e-mails and letters to him. I also think that healthcare is an important issue with kids because they get sick and their parents have to pay for it and sometimes you may find people choosing between medicine or doctor visits and food and that's sad we need to make healthcare affordable to everyone.
Gun control is another issue. Kids see their friends get shot and it hurts. This topic also has to do with school. You can't just sell antone a gun so they can kill off an entire school that's just wrong.
The campaign is important. We need to focus on how to improve schools, gun control and healthcare. We need a President who will do the same.