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Noxon Reservoir

By Taylor H.
Montana, Age 14

Are you looking for the best place to go fishing in Montana Noxon Reservoir is the place to go. Itís good fishing because not a lot people know about it.
Noxon Reservoir is a reservoir outside Thompson Falls which has excellent fishing, and a nice campground. The reservoir is 100 miles west of Missoula on the Montana-Idaho border. The reservoir is known for its good fishing. There are a lot of fish in the reservoir, but all the fish are pike and bass. The reservoir used to have trout and salmon, but the pike and bass kicked them out. The best time to go pike fishing is in September, and the best time for bass fishing is in late May. The shore fishing is not really good, but the boat fishing is great. People donít swim in the reservoir, because the water is nasty. Most people just move down the river to swim. So more people should go camping there, because not a lot of people know about it, it has good fishing, and it has a nice campground.